Are you interested in sports?
Then we have good news for you. The Goethe University has a huge variety on different sport activities. You can register for the course which is very cheap for students. It is only 10€ for 1 semester.
Attention: It is important to register early otherwise all the good and interesting courses are fully booked. The deadline for the registration and more information can be found here.
Moreover there are more sport activities at the Frankfurt University of Applied Sciences you can attend too. Some of them are even for free and you do not have to register for the course.
More information can be found here.

Semester opening event (University start fair)

At the beginning of the Semester you have the chance to attend the so called Unistart-Messe. It is an event where the university welcomes all new students. There are also presentations for international students so you can get all important informations.
Moreover there is also a fair in the Hörsaalzentrum (HZ-Building) where many organizations like for example ESN Frankfurt represents itself.
You will get the invitation for the Unistart-Messe if you sign up at the Studtent Secretary (PEG Building). With that invitation you also get a coupon for a bag with the Goethe-University logo which you can pick up at the top floor in the HZ-Building.
Furthermore there is a party in the evening at the university (Casino-Building). The voucher for the party is also included in the invitation for the Unistart-Messe.