Mobile SIM Cards

Student Mobile (powered by Ortel Mobile)
Your benefits
-free registration, no contract
-7,50 Euro for free
-5 Euro/month and you can call each other with no additional costs
Registration is free and possible during our enrollment at the university. There is no contract, so even if you decide not to use the card later, you should register it - you will get 7,50 Euro for free.
Standard package
-No monthly fees
-SMS Message 19 cent
-Call inside Germany: 9 Cent/Minute + 9 Cent connection fee (no connection fee if one of the following packages is booked).
Additionally you can book the following packages (packages are booked via SMS message to the numer 77300)
Student Mobile / E-Plus Flat (send the word EPLUS to 77300)
5 Euro/30 days: Unlimited calls to other student mobile and E-Plus users (so you can call each other for free!)
Internet Flat 1GB (send the word DATA1000 to 77300)
9,90 Euro / 30 days: 1 GB Internet High Speed Flat, after 1 GB speed reduction to GPRS
Smart Option (send the word SMART to 77300)
12,90 Euro / 30 days: 100 min and 100 SMS for free in all german networks + other countries, 300 MB Internet Flat
Premium Option (send the word PREMIUM to 77300)
19,90 Euro / 30 days: 500 min for free in all german networks + other countries, 500 MB Internet Flat, unlimited calls to other student mobile and E-Plus users (so you can call each other for free!)
All packages are valid for 30 days.
Which package should I take?
Depending on your personal communication style and your mobile phone. The most flexible one might be the Smart Option, which you can extend with Student Mobile / E-Plus Flat if you are very talkative .
How to put money on my card?
Credit is available in many stores and gas stations, you can use the calltime credit cards for E-PLUS or Ortel.
To activate the card / charge your account, type: *104*16-digit-number# Call-Button
To check your account, type: *100# Call-Button
The content above is only a summary of the tariff options. For further tariff details (for example you can buy more data volume), support hotline and binding information check the following PDFs of Student Mobile. ESN Frankfurt provides only the SIM Cards, responsible partner is the Student Mobile GmbH.
More information
You can also find more information about SIM-Cards here: