Health Insurance for Exchange Students

You can’t be without it: Before you are allowed to delve into the depths of education as a student you must provide evidence that you are insured with a health insurance fund. The Techniker Krankenkasse (TK) explains what you need to know about health insurance for students.
This is how it works
For your matriculation at the beginning of your studies you must submit evidence of health insurance. If you are already  insured with the TK you can have your health insurance certification issued by any of the TK branch offices. The next insurance certificate is due if you change your university or your health insurance fund.
Important for International Students 
Students from EU countries, who are already insured in their home country, do not have to be insured in Germany. You can directly go to see the doctor with your European health insurance card (EHIC).
Students from other countries must be insured in Germany.
EUR 72.82. That is the monthly contribution that students have to pay for their health insurance. In addition a contribution of EUR 15.25 is due monthly for compulsory long-term care insurance. Members above the age of 23 without children pay a higher contribution to long-term care insurance: EUR 16.87. The contribution for students towards health insurance and long-term care insurance is fixed by law.
Payment Methods
Your contributions to your health and nursing care insurance must generally be paid before the start of each semester. A monthly payment is also possible. Condition: You give your health insurance fund a standing order for direct debit from a bank account in Germany. You can revoke this authorisation at any time.
When does compulsory health insurance end?
Not surprisingly: Your compulsory health insurance as a student ends upon completion of your studies or Exmatrikulation of your University. The same usually applies after the end of the 14th semester or with the semester in which your 30th birthday falls. 
Do you have any further questions? Contact your local TK adviser for more information:

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