This list gives you an overview about discounts for you in Frankfurt (In German, a person who is always trying to save money in every situation is called a “Sparfuchs”, which means a saving fox...)

This list is only a small part of the things going on in Frankfurt. If you find something to enrich this list, write us!!

ESN is not taking any liability for the listed Deals. We are kindly asking you to inform yourself at the given location regarding each specific Deal.

1. Discounts with Student ID cards in general

(important to bring it with you)

Those are very common in Germany. Ask or look for it in any occasion (football stadium, museums, theatre,..)

The Goethe University cooperates with some local institutions individually. An overview about discounts with your Goethe Card you find here:

Pupille Frankfurt (Cinema run by students at University Campus Bockenheim) Program: Each movie in the beginning of the Semester is free of entrance

In the Velvet Club, there are many different offers and special during the week

Silbergold Club Frankfurt: Free entry for students on Fridays and Saturdays

2. Discounts with your ESNcard:

All the international cooperations are listed here: aufgelistet Among the partners are famous ones like Ryanair, Flixbus and Hostelling Inernational

Local cooperations (important to bring your ESNcard):

„Crazy Bar“, „Crazy Lounge“ and „Sax“ Deal: 10% discount with the ESNcard at a minimal order of 10

Lasertag Frankfurt Deal: 5every Game on Mondays

Stevedoo Burger & Sportsbar Deal: Longdrinks for 5, Beer 0,33l and 2cl “Dos mas” Shots for 1

Wanderlust Studenttrips Deal: 5% discount at booking with the discount code: esn-frankfurt

Deutsche Bildung AG Free participation on online education offers (Webinare) to different topics (Please write “ESN” behind your name). ESN has also 2 free tickets for their annual symposium in Frank- furt (30 Euro deposit). If you are interested, please write to

General Discounts and Deals in Frankfurt

Sausalitos Frankfurt (Bockenheim) Taco Tuesday: Every Tuesday Tacos for 1and happy hour every day from 17 to 20h

Hot Bar (Sachsenhausen)

Different drinks for half price every day, check out

Casablanca Café (Bockenheim) Every Monday different pasta dishes for 6, Beer (Becks and Bitburger) 0,5l for 2,50

Cinestar Metropolis und Mainzer Landstraße Cinema day on Tuesday : 7for each movie in 2D and 10for 3D movies

Mal Seh ́n Kino (in Bornheim) 7for each movie with your student ID

Ratskeller (in Darmstadt) “Schoppestund” from October to March, every day 17.30-18.30: 0,4l home made craft beer for only 1,70

Kiwis (Nordend-Ost) Every Monday the Restaurant offers different Steak specials Every Tuesday there is a live DJ performing and you will get a Steak or Burger with Fries for 8,90

Café Bohne (Bornheim) Offers an all you can eat breakfast the whole day for only 5,90

Cafe Extrablatt (Bockenheim) Breakfast-Buffet every Saturday,Sunday and on Holidays for 11,45Cocktail Specials every Monday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 6pm till open end And on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6pm till 9pm

Apps and Websites

Offpeak This Website informs you about general discounts in Restaurants. If you book a table at a specific time as listed on the website you are able to save half of the price for your meal. Website: Lku2WXW6JQy_H3jLP4WmCwqMdxywE1D9p1Bv1SdQOg4CcaAoeoEALw_wcB

Too Good To Go This App informs you about all the Restaurants and Bakery's that are selling their leftovers for a very low price. This App is available for your Android und Apple Smartphone.