Apartments in Frankfurt

In Germany it is quite usual that students move out from home and live in single person rooms or shared flats. This is why many people are looking for rooms before university starts. It is quite difficult to find a place to live in Frankfurt, that`s why it could take a lot of time to find a room or an apartment. It is recommended to start as early as you can. You also might want to search in Frankfurt’s neighboring cities such as Offenbach, Neu-Isenburg, Oberursel and Bad Homburg. You can reach the city center of Frankfurt easily by public transport within about half an hour. Offenbach is really a good opportunity because you have good conections to Frankfurt even in the night. There are different opportunities to find a room:
  • Studentenwerk Frankfurt offers rooms for students of Frankfurt’s university and University of Applied Sciences in student dorms. If you are an international student, you have to apply to the international office. Every other regular student can register directly here. Don't forget to keep your application updated every month. There are also other organizations offering student dorms in Frankfurt,for example churches or privately-run dorms. Every student is eligible to apply for a room there.  Don´t hesitate to apply for several rooms at the same time! In general you can say that dorms are the cheapest but not the most comfortable ways of living.
  • To find private rooms in shared apartments, you might want to check and It is very common to e-mail the landlord or your future flat mates. Tell him/her a little about yourself to rise your chances of getting the room. 
  • You can also use Facebook to find a place to stay in Frankfurt. There are many groups on Facebook, for example this one.
If you didn´t find a room or flat until your arrival, you could move to a hostel for a few days or rent a private room at Airbnb.